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9 Best Black Tea | Healthy Black Tea | Soothing Kali Chai | Weight Loss Tea

By     Created on : June 18, 2021

9 best types of black tea to drink – Healthy Black Tea which helps you soothe your mind and body – Black tea comes in different flavors and textures. Sweet to bold and from an English origin to an Assamese origin, Black tea comes in different forms.

To discover your type of favorite and tasty black tea, I am here with you. Today you can explore the 9 best types of and different variants of black tea. I will also tell you how to choose the best type of black tea for yourself. It will help you explore the online bazar or market to buy your type of healthy black tea. There are many different types of tea like tandoori chai, masala tea, Green tea, lemon tea, and black tea.

I will also help you where to get your type of black tea at reasonable prices and from the best brands. I will help you find the 9 Best Black Tea to Drink.

So, darling if you are ready to explore the soothing black tea from across the world then, we are 1, 2, 3 and on the ride.

Why choose Black Tea over normal Tea?

  • Black tea has anti-oxidant properties.
  • Black tea is extremely healthy because it also boosts heart health.
  • It helps in lowering “Bad” LDL Cholesterol of your body
  • It also improves gut health.
  • Black tea is good for people who have high Blood Pressure (BP).
  • Healthy black tea helps reduce the scope of a stroke.
  • Soothing black tea helps lower your blood sugar level.
  • It also reduces the risk of cancer.
  • It improves your focus.
  • Kali chai also helps in reducing your weight (weight loss).
  • And yes the most essential benefit of black tea is that it is easy to make.

What does a Black Tea taste like?

Indeed, this is a very important and confusing question. Most of the people including like me and you are always confused and are really not aware of the real taste of the black tea.

The healthy nature and the mundane name of the black tea make us assume black tea’s taste to be boring and bad.

But, this is not the reality! Black tea can be extremely passionate and bold with its flavors.

The flavors found in black teas include smoky, earthy, spicy, nutty, citrus, caramel, leather, fruity, and honey notes.

Passion lies in the taste of your boldness.

Black Tea serves the purpose.

How to choose the best black tea for yourself?

If this is the question that you are wondering about, then you are at the right place!

The best black tea will totally depend on your individual taste and preferences, but you can use these tips to discover your favorite black tea:

  • Brew it at the right temperature
  • Steep for the proper amount of time
  • Always go with organic, high-quality black teas

In contrast to more delicate and smooth green and white teas, black teas require higher temperatures and longer steeping times. Insufficient heat or time results in a weak brew while overdoing it will lead to a bitter-tasting brew rich in tannins.

Don’t worry if the next question in your mind is the names of the 9 Best Black Tea to Drink, because next, I will be moving on to this.

Healthiest 9 Best Black Tea to Drink

English Breakfast Tea

9 Best Black Tea | Healthy Black Tea | Soothing Kali Chai | Weight Loss Tea

English breakfast tea is meant to be brewed strong. It’s full-bodied, robust, and rich in its aroma, and–as is the custom in England–goes well with milk and sweetener.

You can try steeping English breakfast tea for a full five minutes at 206 degrees Fahrenheit (96.5 degrees Celsius).

Twining’s English Breakfast tea is available on amazon.

Earl Grey

9 Best Black Tea | Healthy Black Tea | Soothing Kali Chai | Weight Loss Tea

Earl Grey is another world-famous tea that first became popular in England.

Bergamot orange (Citrus bergamia) is a small citrus tree with winter blossoms that grows primarily in Calabria, Italy. The oil of bergamot lends a bright, delicate, floral-tinged citrusy taste that complements the bold and assertive character of the black tea.

Many commercial varieties today use artificial flavors instead of real bergamot. If you want to try authentic Earl Grey, stick with high-quality, organic blends that only use natural flavors.

Earl Grey Black tea is available amazon at reasonable price.

Assam Black Tea

Assam black tea is named after the region of Assam in India.

In the 1830s, British business interests saw the opportunity to compete with Chinese tea makers, so they shifted British tea production to India. From that point onward, Assam became the world’s largest tea-producing region.

Assam black tea grows mostly at or near sea level. The tropical climate and a large amount of rainfall resulting in a unique, chocolaty finish to this black tea variety. It is also known for its full body, briskness, malty notes, and strong color.

You can drink Assamese teas black, or add honey and a splash of nut milk which makes it tastier and healthier. This is one of my favorites in my list of 9 Best Black Tea to Drink.

You can easily find Twining’s Assam black tea bags at amazon.

Ceylon Black Tea

9 Best Black Tea | Healthy Black Tea | Soothing Kali Chai | Weight Loss Tea

Ceylon teas are produced on the island nation that’s now known as Sri Lanka. When Sri Lankan tea production first reached international fame in the early 19th century under British rule, Sri Lanka was called Ceylon, and the colonial name has stuck for tea production ever since.

Sri Lanka has an incredible range of different altitudes and terroirs, so their tea plantations produce a wide variety of flavors.

At an overall level, Ceylon black tea is bold and strong and is able to handle the addition of nut milk, lemon, or honey. It’s also a fantastic choice for iced tea.

You can find Ceylon loose leaf black tea at TDT.


Nilgiri tea, also called Blue Mountain tea, is grown in small crops on the Western Ghats mountains in Southern India. These teas are some of the highest-elevation teas in the entire world, with many farms over 8,000 feet above sea level.

Black teas of the Nilgiri variety are full of fragrance, slightly sweet, medium-bodied, and hints of fruit.

Steep Nilgiri black tea between 200-212 degrees Fahrenheit (93.5-100 degrees Celsius) for two to three minutes and serve it immediately.

Golden Tips’ Nilgiri black tea is available on flipkart.

Masala Chai

9 Best Black Tea | Healthy Black Tea | Soothing Kali Chai | Weight Loss Tea

Masala chai (literally “mixed-spice tea”) dates back thousands of years in the Indian Ayurvedic tradition.

Most Masala chai contains a blend of delicate Assam black tea with cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, ginger, and black pepper. Sometimes it also includes other spices like anise or nutmeg.

Steep chai between 200-212 degrees Fahrenheit (93.5-99 degrees Celsius) for three to five minutes. Nut milk or honey can help balance the vivid flavors of this blend.

You can find flavored masala chai at FabIndia.

Darjeeling Black Tea

9 Best Black Tea | Healthy Black Tea | Soothing Kali Chai | Weight Loss Tea

Darjeeling tea is only found in the high, mountainous town of Darjeeling, India. Some people call Darjeeling black tea the “champagne of tea” for its delicate, fruity, floral notes.

The character of this black tea, however, can vary depending on when it’s harvested. Each of the four annual harvests, called a “flush” in the tea industry, has its own character.

The spring flush has a grassy, green taste. It’s the most sought-after harvest of Darjeeling tea. The summer or second flush, which occurs in June, has a fruity, spicy character, while the later flushes have a stronger flavor with more bitter tannins.

Darjeeling black tea is best served as-is, without added milk or sugar.

You can buy Darjeeling black tea online by clicking on the blue word.

Keemun Black Tea

9 Best Black Tea | Healthy Black Tea | Soothing Kali Chai | Weight Loss Tea

Keemun is a special variety of black tea grown in the Anhui Province of eastern China. It’s also known as Qimen Hongcha. Compared to other black teas, this type is dried and oxidized over a longer period of time.

Connoisseurs seek Keemun for its smooth, complex aroma and flavor, which includes notes of fruit, flowers, pine, tobacco, and unsweetened cacao.

You can enjoy it plain, or with limited quantities of nut milk and honey.

Brew Keemun black tea at 190-194 degrees Fahrenheit (87.5-90 degrees Celsius) for two to five minutes.

Buy Keemun black tea online, it is easily available. Click on the blue word for more details including price and other things.

Yunnan Black Tea

Yunnan black tea originates in Yunnan Province, China. In that region, Yunnanese teas are known as Dianhong.

One thing that sets Dianhong apart from most other black teas is that it has a high concentration of the delicate leaf buds known as “golden tips.”

This type of black tea is rich and smooth, with hints of chocolate, honey, and pepper.

Unlike most black teas, Yunnan black tea produces a brassy orange brew instead of the brown or black color with which you may be familiar.

You can shop for the Yunnan Black tea at TDT. Click on the blue word to find its price and other details.

Other Suggestions For Buying The Healthiest 9 Best Black Tea

  1. Make sure that you are reading the reviews correctly.
  2. Read the nutrient and caffeine content of the particular brand properly.
  3. Also go with your own taste bud.
  4. Explore with small quantities if you are a beginner.
  5. Buy from different brands and explore.
  6. Don’t buy huge quantities if you are buying it for the first time.

If you want to try other healthy beverages then try Mango chia smoothie and other healthy summer drinks that will keep you hydrated. Thandai is also one fulfilling drink during summer that you can try.


I hope you had an amazing time reading the 9 Best Black Teas which are Healthy, Soothing, and help in Weight Loss. In India, it is also commonly known as Kali chai.

Next when you go to buy your favorite black tea, then stay confident and enjoy because you know everything.

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