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A Healthy Bowl Of Delicacy And Life

By     Created on : July 13, 2020

Ever since its inception, food is the only universal that has brought mankind together. HEALTHY BOWL OF DELICACY, A bowl of a radiant amalgam of food is art so profound. We as global beings have revolutionized eating habits with the distinction of culture & taste. 

However, if you feel like heading to the kitchen station right away and whip something up within no time, here are the top 15 dinner meals you may want to consider.


Unlike its name, gazpacho sauce spaghetti is easy to cook a one-time meal. Tossed in a smooth & fiery gazpacho, it is just a 15-minute serve.

A handful of chopped and blended cherry tomatoes, green bell pepper, garlic, and onion makes it an absolute meal of less calorie content and more proteins.

It can also be an approachable dining plate for vegans. For a better serving, remember to sprinkle a bunch of finely cut basil, a tincture of olive oil as per taste.


A healthy midweek serves,  chargrilled chicken chimichurri salad is a very quick punchy meal. It is an ideal dinner table must, with less than 250 calories. It is a totally gluten-free recipe.

Tossed with diced pepper, onion, garlic & hinge of parsley accompanied by bashed and chargrilled chicken breast makes it entirely delicious and a superfood.

It goes best along with the sprinkled extra virgin olive oil and red wine.

Top 15 Dinner Meals


One-pan green chili eggs with chorizo is an easy one-time main course as well as a sider. It is a super speedy meal with a bud-friendly taste.

Crispy fried chorizos with eggs are best served with butter toast and hot tomato sauce. Post-bake toppings will add freshness to this absolutely commendable and protein-rich meal. 

Top 15 Dinner Meals


Indian chickpeas are a delight for the Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisines. Along with poached eggs, it makes an easy to cook 15-minute recipe. A blend of various spices altogether enhances its taste.

This fiber-rich supper is a good source of manganese and other essential nutrients. Put the chickpea mixture onto a serving dish, scatter some coriander, top with the eggs and you’re good to go.

Top 15 Dinner Meals


A slightly skinny version of its Italian original, fettuccine alfredo is a low-fat meal majorly seared out of low fat or semi-skimmed milk. 

It can be a healthy switch for pasta lovers & health-conscious people with the incantation of better taste. 

With a cooking time of about 15 minutes, it is a quick and healthy dinner recipe. Toss the alfredo & fettuccine. Top with parsley or parmesan cheese, if desired and your Italian plate is dinner ready. 

Top 15 Dinner Meals


This garden vegetable soup is a luxury for foodies. A single bowl of it seems like a whole kitchen garden transformed into a ceramic dish. A merge of different flavors is what sets this soup a little aside and higher than its comparatives. 

Blended onion and garlic enhance their earthly flavors in contrast to the freshness of basil and zucchini. A hint of vinegar and parmesan cheese adheres the whole dish together for the quick-serve. 

Top 15 Dinner Meals


This oven-baked salmon with a hinge of lemon & honey is a real delight.

It is a delicious 4-ingredient recipe with minimal mess, It is baked with the whole side of the salmon wrapped in foil for extra crispy, golden & caramelized texture.

For better sharp taste sprinkle a little sea salt & black pepper. It is an easy drool for the weeknight dinner.  

Top 15 Dinner Meals


For a healthy weeknight dinner option, basic chicken & vegetable stir fry is a wholesome recipe. Its delicious sauce is made with honey, soy sauce & sesame sauce.

If you are looking for an easy 15-minute dinner meal, stir-fries are always a top option. It can be sided with crispy bread, flour cookie, or croutons.  This basic chicken is a flavorful savory for the eating table. 

Top 15 Dinner Meals


Season vegetable lasagne is an incredible dinner meal made with creamy ricotta, spinach, and roasted vegetable filling. It sides along with homemade tomato lasagne sauce.

Made with any seasonal roasted vegetable, this lasagne is an absolute quick dinner table meal. With myriads of flavors, it can be eaten fresh or refrigerated. 

Top 15 Dinner Meals


Frittata is regarded as a crustless quiche that is an egg-bake filled with vegetables, herbs, and cheese. Serving frittata as a part of brunch or dinner alongside toast, pancakes, fruit salad, or oatmeal would make it a complete choice to go with. You might try various combinations of it, yet the classic one remains at the top list. 

Top 15 Dinner Meals


This single-bite dish is a perfect whisk of sauteed green leafy vegetables with sour cream & avocados. With around 770 mg of sodium & fiber, it won’t let you miss the meat. Its drippy sauce & tangy fresh flavors make it a quick & mess-free recipe for dinner. 

Top 15 Dinner Meals


This Mexican posole is a healthy & spicy alternative for the meat at dinings. Packed with flavors, it is an instant 15-minute recipe with crunchy veggies & chewy hominy. It can be your biggest lifesaver on busy weeknights because of its filly & flavorful texture. Moreover, its low-calorie content and high fiber put you at ease.  For better presentation, grace it with fresh coriander or cheese. 

Top 15 Dinner Meals


This brothy Italian soup is an essential classic Italian warm recipe. It embraces the variety of seasonal vegetables making it a pick from snowy December to rainy June. Essentially, it is a thick variety of common soups. Serve it with crusty chunks of bread or croutons for a cozy dinner. 

Top 15 Dinner Meals


With a hinge of Thai herbs, this curry is a gluten-free recipe. Shredded with assorted vegetables or shrimps it is simple to make and yet spicy and aromatic. It makes a great combination alongside Thai lemongrass rice.Rich in fragrance, it is a lively serve for the family dinner.  

Top 15 Dinner Meals


Creamy baked risotto is a minimal stirring, a flavorsome recipe with the goodness of required nutrients. Muddles with fresh oregano and mushrooms, this risotto can be made with mere items available readily at home. It can also be a delicacy for the diet conscious ones. This fresh bowl of health is a must recommendation in dinner packages. 

Top 15 Dinner Meals

All the above-mentioned recipes are a low calorie, healthy, and a timeless alternative at your dining tables. 

Classic Virginia Woolf said,  “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if  has not dined well.”

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