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A Powerhouse: Nutrition Facts Of Bananas

By     Created on : July 18, 2020

Who doesn’t like bananas – a filling fruit? Banana is an absolute superfood. In terms of health, handy, and pocket-friendly, banana is a gold snack. A happy yellow curved fruit has so many valuable elements. Banana is one of the vastly engaging fruits. India has exported nearly worth 83.9 USD million of bananas in the year 2019-2020. And About Nutrition Facts Of Bananas

It’s loaded with iron, potassium, calcium, manganese essential minerals and vitamins. These are all required for the healthy and proper functioning of the core. Let’s know more about the health privileges of this pleasing fruit.


Nourishment chart of banana

Banana includes a decent quantity of fibers as well as nutrients.

Heart’s Deal

Heart Disease is the most common worldwide and is the most prevalent reason for cessations. Banana contains vitamin C, fibre and potassium which are very beneficial for good heart fitness. Potassium and magnesium are the two most important element for the welfare of your body and banana have both with enough proportions. It lowers the risks of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.

For good digestive health

A good body works on a good digestive system. One banana contains almost 10% of fibre which meets your daily need for fibre. It manages the production of chain fatty acids in the gut, which are of utmost importance for your gut health. The two most important fibres banana contains are Pectin and Resistant starch.

The bonus of the Diabetics

Consultants suggest eating bananas as they have fibres that lower the blood sugar levels.

Banana has good sugars as bananas do not raise blood sugar levels in comparison to other carbs. But one should check with their doctors and monitor their blood sugar level, nevertheless.

banana for diebestics
banana for diebestics

Cancer and banana

Protective against a specific type of cancer, bananas help in preventing kidney cancer because it has high levels of antioxidant combinations that fight against cancer.

Lectin is the antioxidant and helps to discard the free extremists. Bundle of radicals in the body promotes cell damage and leads to cancer. Vitamin C is the second reason to protest against cancer which is found in abundance in bananas.

For pregnant women and new mothers

Pregnancy brings a lack of sleep, but magnesium and tryptophan in banana help in subsiding this issue and furnishes good sleep. Banana also avoids gestational diabetes. It is absolutely safe during incubation. There are numerous vitamins and minerals for the mother and baby.

Banana makes you happy

The tryptophan in the banana helps to fight depression. 

Serotonin makes you happy. In addition, the B6 vitamin reduces your stress and helps in good slumber. Magnesium helps in the relaxation of muscles. Banana is more effective than any other energy drink. Even banana increase your vision. 

Moreover, calcium is most significant in keeping strong bones 

Health risk: too much banana is not good

Eating the fruit too extensively stimulates headaches and sleepiness. The sugary fruit also promotes dental decay if eaten excessively. It may also cause bloating, softer tools, gas, vomiting when taken in unchecked amounts.

Banana peels

Edible or poisonous, most people are always drooling over this question. However, they are edible and loaded with nutrients. In the west, it is very common to eat banana peels. It is also used in many face packs and beauty commodities. They are usually served cooked and blended with other fruits.

banana facts
banana facts

Ripe and unripe bananas

Green or unripe bananas are high in probiotic bacteria that promote good health. It also contains calcium and absorbs nutrients.

On the other hand, ripened banana is ideal to eat and easy to digest. It also helps in curing anaemia.

And that’s It for today’s topic A Powerhouse: Nutrition Facts Of Bananas hope that you have learned something new.

Credits: Himanshi Rawat

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