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An Ultimate Guide To Change Your Food Habits

By     Created on : July 14, 2020

“Health is much more dependent on our food habits and nutrition than on medicine.”  –JOHN LUBBOCK

Eating healthy food can be a very difficult plan to follow but it is not impossible. It is indeed very important for our healthy body and mind. It can reduce the chances of getting numerous types of diseases. Unhealthy eating habits put a great impact on our body likewise. If you are really trying to do your thinking for the same, here’s your ultimate guide to swap to healthy eating habits.

Following questions may come to your mind, when you think about how to change your food habits: 

  • How to change your unhealthy food habits? 
  • How to develop a healthy diet? 
  • What are good or bad habits? 
  • How to avoid your favorite food? 

To find the answers to these questions put your eyeballs onto the following habits you can readily pursue


Eating is an easy task but noting down and keeping a track of what we eat is an absolute ‘Achilles heel’ for some. It is not in the daily habit. As eating food is something very natural

 noting down what we eat can become our habit too. Noting down and planning what we eat can help you in tracking your daily calorie consumption along with keeping a check on the required nutrients of the body. It will also keep track of your meals on a weekly basis and can bring about expected changes in your daily diet.


Set numerous goals in order to see the absolute change in your eating lifestyle. For example; like losing 5 KGS in 20 days. It can be recorded in your daily goal list. Marking your goals can make you tad serious about what you want to achieve. It will also make you realize what good or bad health choices you are making in your diet fostering change in your food habits simply by setting healthy goals for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind.


In the great words of Robert Urich, ‘ A healthy outside starts from the healthy inside.’ Paying your mind in what food you eat can bring a big change in changing your food habits. It simply means ‘You Choose, You Eat.’ It’s not just about eating it’s about in what way you eat and in what manner. Eating in front of a laptop or while using any electronic device can completely mess up your diet intake. You may end up eating more than required or something less. Hence, breaking your healthy cycle. 


Most people are habitual of chewing their food faster than required. It makes them finish their food in a couple of minutes. It in turn adversely affects the digestive system and hence is proved to be an unhealthy way of eating. Make sure to eat slowly and chew the bite at least 15 times in order to let your food digest and assimilate properly.


There can never be any best feeling than cooking for yourself? It is pure bliss, indeed. Cooking for self can help you in keeping a clear track of what all you are eating and in what amount. Along with, self-satisfaction and taking care of self, one also ends up feeling healthier, boosted energy, and stabilized weight.


Thinking about how to change food habits, the most important thing is to rely on drinking more water and doing some exercise to make your body and mind sound. Both add to your oxygen flow making it fully energized and healthy. Make it your regular habit to exercise and moreover have a cup of honey tea for better results. 


A healthy diet isn’t healthy if it makes you sad or unhappy. Remember to stick to a particular diet over the month. Although, it is OK to have a cheat day once a month. If you find your diet recipes boring try to add new recipes to it and new flavors for better taste. Try an instant bowl of fruit, berries, multi-grain cookies, corn flakes, etc. Give yourself a variety and enjoy. 



  1. To make your heart healthy you should take oats. There is a large amount of energy in oats which makes your stomach full. Make it a habit to reduce your cholesterol level. Take it as a breakfast and make your morning energized. 


  1.  As every nutritionist says to include fresh fruits in your diet. It is a very good change in your eating habits. You can include apples, bananas, grapes, papaya, etc. 

Wherefore, these are the food habits that you can adopt to make a change in your lifestyle and most important to take proper items to increase metabolism. Stay away from junk food that spoils your digestive system. Stick to natural food for body health and mind.

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