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Mango Falooda with Ice Cream Recipe

This is a true respite from the sizzling summers. If you are craving for something refreshing or missing your hometown’s special falooda then here I am your best recipe friend. This mango falooda with ice cream recipe is just made for you. So, here is a warm welcome to you who is very special and […]


Shrikhand Recipe Ingredients With Greek Yogurt

The Shrikhand Recipe is made with Greek Yogurt, saffron threads, green cardamom, and nuts. This popular and nutritious dessert is for you if you love having something sweet but wholesome. If you have the craving for something sweet in the night, then you are going to love a bowl of Shrikhand! And don’t worry, it’s very easy to make […]


Simple Bread Pakora Recipe

Healthy Bread Pakora  recipe with Amchoor Chutney by the famous chef Kunal Kapur  A quick snack for which almost everyone has a strong connection while growing up, whether in school, at home, or in college. Bread Pakora never fails to impress & this is a lighter, healthier, and crispier version of the same. Delicious, crispy, […]



We all have grown up hearing this one thing, ‘proteins are body building blocks of our body’ and as a matter of fact they are. Proteins are supposed to be a major part of our diet and somehow our diet lacks in this macro nutrient. Proteins are needed by every individual to live a healthy […]

Rose Cookies served in a plate

Rose Cookies Eggless Chrismas Special

Rose Cookies or AchuMurukuis a popular sweet plus crispy snack made in the season of christmas. Because it’s the season to be jolly so why not celebrate it with this sweet snack recipe that is rose shaped cookies without eggs at home by using beautiful shaped moulds.  It is popularly made in Karnataka, Kerela, Chennai […]

chocolate cake shot with cherry on top.

Chocolate Cake Shots- Get high on Chocolate

Yes, you heard it right! Shots that tastes like chocolate. Chocolate cake shots are an attraction in clubs and among people who love to celebrate with shots. Shooters that reminds you of chocolate and actually there is no chocolate involved. This will definitely become the centre of your house party moreover. You have to give […]

shahi paneer


Short on time? No problem! This Shahi Paneer, all in one dinner comes together in less than 25 minutes and is sure to satisfy the whole family! Whenever a guest is coming at your home or there is a birthday party at home shahi paneer fits well for all the occasions. It adds up to […]