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By     Created on : July 27, 2020

What is fibre and why is daily dose of fibre is important to us? 

Dietary fibre is concrete from the plant cell that cannot be broken down by enzymes in the human digestive system. There are basically of two kinds; water-soluble and water-insoluble.

Water Soluble daily dose of fibre.

These are the fibres that absorb water during digestion. It lowers blood pressure and increases stool bulk. There are some good sources of soluble fibre for instance fruits, vegetables, and lentils and barley, oats etc.


Water-insoluble fibre remains unaffected during digestion. It promotes proper functioning of intestinal contents. It can be found in the whole grain products, buckwheat, brown rice, cereals, brand, and seeds and vegetables 

It’s not a short term diet, It’s a long term lifestyle change by adding a daily dose of fibre to your diet.

Why is fibre important?

A high fibre diet appears to reduce the risk of acquiring various conditions, including cardiac diseases, diabetes and colon cancer and constipation. It cares about the digestive systems and looks afters cholesterol.

A child needs 18g of fibre each day.

Here are some benefits of taking fibre:

• For the healthy digestive system 

Fibre improves the health of the digestive system. Soluble fibre soaks water which helps to bulk out the faeces and allow it to pass through the gut more effortlessly. 

• Controls weight

Fibre foods manage a lower energy density, they provide limited kilojoules per gram of food, so that the person has fewer calories and within the same amount of food. It also delays the absorptions of sugar from the intestines. This helps in preventing the rapid rise in blood insulin level, which is correlated with obesity and increase the risk of diabetes.

• Cancer and other heart problems

Intake of dietary fibre decreases the risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. It is also helpful in type 2 diabetes, weight gain and overall mortality. It is recognised that dietary fibre protects against colorectal cancer, each 10 g per intake of total dietary fibre equates to 10 % reduction in risk of colorectal cancer.

Some foods that have loads of fibres

Food is fuel not therapy and a daily dose of fibres in form fruits never takes a lot.
  • Salad

They’re numerous justifications as to why one must consume salads. Eating it before your meals are extremely beneficial. It can increase your fibre consumption. 

  • Snacking fruits

Tasty yet healthy and portable, fruits are a powerhouse of fibres. Apple, pears, berries have more 6-7 gm of fibre and they make you full.

  • Whole grains
A Daily dose of fibre in your plate.

Whole grains affect more than refined ones. It makes grain last longer and fast-absorbing carbs and the most nutritive portions stay in it.

Buckwheat, barley, millet, quinoa are full of fibres.

  • Chia seeds

It has 11gm of fibre per ounce. The small seeds gel in water and 95% insoluble. It promotes normal digestion and may lower your risk of diabetes.

Chia seeds makes it all worth it, when it comes to daily dose of fibres.
  • Avocados

Packed with nearly every nutritious fruits. It provides 10gm of fibre. Green flesh and creamy, it is rich in healthy fatty acids.

Your diet goes hand in hand with nutrition scale like avocados and daily dose of fibres.
  • Nuts and seeds

Seeds and nuts provide proteins, fibre and fats

Add nuts in your recipes and make your meal more healthy and versatile.

Not too much fibre is good

If you’re having gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps cut off the fibre intake. If you eat more than 70 grams a day, your body will instantly come to halt.

Dietary fibre is edible parts of plants that help in digestion and working of the intestines. It helps cardiac diseases and cancer. it also helps in curing diabetes and maintains weight gain and bowel healths. Daily intake of fibre is essential. It can be obtained through vegetables, fruits and whole grains. However, too much fibre can cause abdominal pain and bloat.


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