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Perfect Gym Diet For Vegetarians

By     Created on : July 17, 2020

GYM DIET FOR VEGETARIANS because balanced nutrient intake is of utmost importance for the gym freaks. During high intensity, muscle build-up exercises, the force exerted on the body can cause wear and tear of the muscle. The muscles need protein to build and heal. Protein repairs the muscles and helps in their growth and nourishment. Hence, protein is the main nutrient for building the muscles and for toning them.

A vegetarian diet, includes various protein-rich items, such as dairy products, pulses, legumes, soy, tofu, etc. You just need to make sure that you follow a proper diet.

Here are a few basics for gym beginners;

1. Breakfast

Never skip your breakfast. Remember that your breakfast must be healthy and heavy. 


Take oatmeals mixed with milk, along with raisins or dry fruits, and the regular breakfast that has been cooked at your home. In addition to this eat the food which is rich in carbohydrates after your regular workout. 

2. Lunch 

Include rice, dal, and some vegetable salad in your everyday lunch. The proper salad must contain carrot, cucumber,

3. Mid Day Meal

Some fruits or preferably mixed fruit bowl containing almost 2 to 3 types of fruits, accompanied by some dry fruits will give you enough energy for further work.

4. Dinner 

Eat rice with some boiled vegetables to maintain a healthy diet. Always eat salad along with the food. After dinner, it is suggested to take orange or apple juice for proper digestion.

Things that one should follow all the time for GYM DIET FOR VEGETARIANS: 


Know your calorie level and plan your diet accordingly. For example, your body burns 1600 calories on its own without any physical activity in a 24 hour period. Your diet should have enough calories if you target to gain. Link for a calorie calculator  


A number of meals and the timing of the meals play a very important role in your vegetarian diet. Try to break your diet that helps you to boost metabolism and keep your body in the best state for a period of time. The most important meal is your after-workout meal. 

What to eat?

What to eat when to eat is the main question that might pop inside your mind.

Morning Meal

Early morning meal should be complex carbohydrates or oats or brown rice. You must have a sufficient amount of protein in your diet. You can simply have one banana with the milk before a workout. It is a heavy or fast digestive protein.

You can also have two packets of masala oats if you are very taste driven. For a good taste have the masala one. Have one glass of milk with almonds. With that, you have enough calories to make your day.

Set your GOAL

It is very important to set your goal. To stick on a diet is never easy that is why making a goal can be a beneficial habit for your growth. Depending upon your goal customize your diet, according to your current weight and your daily lifestyle including the physical activity that you usually do. If you’re lifting weight you need to be sure enough that you are consuming enough proteins.

Be sure to hydrate well, regardless of exercise. 


A healthy person needs to have 1 cup of water per waking hour to avoid dehydration, and you should hydrate yourself regularly throughout the workout. 


Here is A GYM DIET FOR VEGETARIANS for muscle gain: 

1. Firstly, drink of the Day:

1 cup milk + bananas. 

2. Breakfast: 

Sprouts- Moong + peanuts + 10 almonds + 1 apple.

3. Lunch

3 roti + 2 cup dal + vegetable/ curd + salad. 

4. Mid day snack:

Soaked Soya chunks – 1 packet + 2 bananas 

5. Post workout: 

1 banana+ sprouts + 100 grams butter + 1 banana + sprouts. 

6. Dinner: 

3 roti + 2 cup dal + vegetables + salad. 

7. Night Snack: 

1 Glass Milk + 5 Almonds. 

NOTE: The bread you are consuming should be a whole wheat bread or multi-grain one. 

And one of the important food item for vegetarians is BANANA- So to find out about the nutritional facts of banana click the link below 👇🏻