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Fruit Cream Restaurant Style at Home in Simple steps

By     Created on : January 22, 2021

Are you craving something sweet like fruit cream suddenly? Do you have a sweet tooth? Are all the sweet boxes in your house empty? In fact, Are you worried about the desert for your family dinner? Well, we have a delicious answer for you that will definitely answer all your questions. 

Fruits served in a bowl of milk.
Fruits served in a bowl of milk.

We all crave sweets and desserts from time to time and it’s proven that deserts and sweets have the power to lift your mood within seconds.

It’s proven research that eating something sweet when you’re feeling low can really put you in a good mood. Just as the time when you gobbled down those sweets and felt pleasure like heaven but at the same time, you felt guilty for doing so. How often have you been made to feel guilty for your sweet tooth?

Is It Healthy?

Health freaks around us never stop ranting about how desserts should be eaten in a very moderate amount. Well, it’s not healthy to stay in denial but if you’re one of those “guilty conscious” Or “health freaks “  we have some good news for you, or even if you’re the crazy foodie and sweet lover this recipe is going to be the best of both worlds for you. 

Anyone who is dieting or is a Gymaholic can not afford to eat sweets on a regular basis but we have a special nutrition-rich recipe for all our fitness lovers which is rich in protein and essential vitamins that will boost your immunity and is going to make your skin glow. India has a wide variety of sweets.

When it comes to Indian States.

Each state in India offers a uniquely designed and flavored sweet but we cannot deny the fact that these famous sweets and deserts require very supreme expertise. So how to Impress the guests with our hand made desert?

There is a secret dish which is not just popular but also very simple to prepare. It might be simple to prepare but it is the only dish that can be served and decorated in infinite ways. It’s none other than fruit cream. 


Fruit glass
Fruit glass

Fruit cream is a very popular dish in the Indian subcontinent. This is one of the most serving dishes in Indian weddings. It is popular for it’s simple yet creative appearance and fabulous taste.

However, It is one of the most ordered deserts in the restaurants because it’s not just very delicious but it is also very nutritious and nourishing. Fruit cream not only makes for a healthy and tasty dessert but also requires very little effort with minimum ingredients.


It is made with simple milk cream and yogurt. Favorite of many it has a very unique taste of all kinds of fruits, their citrus and tangy flavors with a pinch of sweetness make this dish very international. Meanwhile, It has the goodness of yogurt and the richness of all kinds of fruits.

Fruit cream is a perfect kind of dessert for any type of occasion. It is very very simple to prepare and it’s a savior for those who keep Organising dinner parties at their place. Fruit cream is most loved by “fitness freaks” because of the different varieties of fruits in it. 

fruit cold beverages with yellow background
fruit cold beverages with yellow background

Fruits such as grapes, berries, orange, and many citrus fruits are highly rich in vitamin C. Many ladies are obsessed with vitamin C because it helps you get that flawless glow and a blemish-free complexion. However, Fruit cream is the best kind of dessert because it gives you the liberty and freedom to choose your favorite fruits and nuts. In fact, you can decorate it in many ways possible. In conclusion, fruit cream is a very decorative and very fun dish. It has a blast of different flavors of fruits and various syrups. This combination of citrus and sweet flavors of fruits and cream will surely Constrain you to crave more. And surely you crave it more because it’s equally healthy. 


Let’s have a look at the ingredients of fruit cream. These ingredients are easily available In your kitchen but there are certain fruits that you might have to purchase. It all depends on your style of preparing it.  Fruit cream is a simple dish as well there is no doubt it has a lot of scope of experiments with its Garnishing and its decorations.

Perfectly served Fruit cream with fruits.
Perfectly served Fruit cream with fruits.

  However, A single bite of fruit cream is like a roller coaster ride of flavors and taste. Let’s see what are the important ingredients required to make this extraordinary dish. 

Fresh fruits lying with grey background
Fresh fruits lying with grey background


Green grapes 

Indian blackberries 










Fresh cream – 250 grams 

Yogurt – 100 grams

Powdered sugar  – ( sugar is added according to your taste and preferences) 

Cardamom powder –  half teaspoon

Saffron – half teaspoon 

Food colour- (totally optional)  1 pinch 

Fresh Cream
Fresh Cream
Pistah with saffron
Pistah with saffron


Points to remember – 

  • Always keep the dry fruits in water for half an hour before adding them to the main mixture 
  • Always use fresh cream and yogurt for the best taste 
  • The same goes for fruits, it is important to use fresh fruits as it can affect the taste of the entire dish. 
  • The above-mentioned fruits used in this recipe are easily available in your kitchen, still, you can add or subtract the fruit according to your preferences and availability. 

Step 1. 

Take a big bowl. It should be spacious enough as all the ingredients will be mixing in this bowl. 

Step 2. 

Remove the outer layer of the orange, banana, pomegranate, and apple. 

Make sure to remove the fruit’s skin or peel properly. But leave the grapes and berries as it is. As they’re already small and their peels are edible and soft. 

Step 3.

Cut the fruits into small pieces except for the Berries and add them to the bowl. Make sure to add all the fruits and berries to the bowl. 

Step 4. 

Add sugar to the bowl 

Step 5. 

Add yogurt into the mixture 

Step 6. 

Now add cardamom powder and a pinch of food color. 

Step 7. 

Finely chop the dry fruits and then add them into the mixture. 

Step 8. 

Now add the fresh cream into the mixture. 

Step 9. 

Spread the cream evenly, do not mix it with other ingredients. Spread it gently and evenly. And without mixing the ingredients keep it in the refrigerator for 2 hours. 

Step 10. 

After 2 hours take out the bowl and mix the ingredients together with the help of a spoon. 

Step 11. 

It’s time to bring your fancy serving bowl and cutlery. 

Step 12. 

Finally Fruit cream is ready! Bravo. Serve it with the help of a spoon and garnish it with some saffron and show off your cutting skills with decorating the serving dish with different shapes of fruits. 

Delicious Fruit cream is ready in a jar.
Delicious Fruit cream is ready in a jar.

To sum up:

So now that your fruit cream is ready serve it in the best way possible by trying some amazing decorations and Garnishing techniques. Above all your yummy fruit cream is all set to win hearts and compliments from your loved ones. Meanwhile, share this recipe with your friends and family and let them know this amazing recipe a combination of both taste and health with the most playful flavors that will lift your mood and will bring smiles to their faces.  

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