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Masala Tea Powder at Home | Chai ka Masala | Homemade Tea Powder

By     Created on : June 10, 2021

How to make Masala Tea Powder at Home? Masala tea is an energy booster for everyone. After a long day or at a refreshing breakfast chai lovers would always prefer a chai filled with pure aroma of spices and good taste. Try this chai ka masala at home.

This is for a chai lover like you! You are at the right place because you and I equally crave chai. So, this is what connects us together.

Chai comes in different varieties such as Tandoor chai, lemon tea, etc. And all are my favorite. You can also try making thandai powder at home, so you will have another homemade masala with you.

So with your recipe expert get ready to groove with the spices of your kitchen. Because I promise this masala powder will transform your chai to another level. Try once and feel the pleasure. You will find yourself standing beside your favorite chai ki tapri while drinking this awesome chai.

Ingredients to make Masala Tea Powder at Home

dry ginger powder1/8 cup 
cloves2 tbsp
fennel seeds1 tbsp
cinnamon sticks3 half inch 
peppercorns1 tsp 
nutmeg grated1/2 tsp

To prepare Masala tea | Chai ka Masala:

milk1 cup 
chai masala powder (reduce if u want it mild)1/4 tsp
tea powder1 tsp
sugarAs per taste

Make Masala Tea Powder at Home (Step by Step)

  • 1. Take dry ginger, crush it well using a hand mortar and pestle. Remove the fiber part and take the powder alone, measure and keep aside.
  • 2. Measure all other ingredients and keep them ready. Except for dry ginger powder take all the ingredients in a pan and dry roast until a nice aroma comes. Switch off, cool down then transfer to a mixer jar.
How to make Masala Tea Powder at Home?
  • 3. First grind it coarse then add dry ginger powder along with grated nutmeg.
  • 4. Now grind it again to a powder. Cool down then store. Now to make chai using this powder: Heat milk in a saucepan.
  • 5. Add chai masala powder along with tea powder. Add sugar if needed, I did not add today.
How to make Masala Tea Powder at Home?
After adding your masala, let it boil.
  • 6. Let it come to a rolling boil twice. Simmer for a minute then switch off. Strain and serve hot!
How to make Masala Tea Powder at Home?


Here you have learned about chai masala or Masala Tea Powder at home.

I hope you enjoyed playing with the spices in your kitchen. Stay tuned for more such amazing recipe updates.


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How to make Masala Tea Powder at Home?

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