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Mango Falooda with Ice Cream Recipe

By     Created on : May 26, 2021

This is a true respite from the sizzling summers. If you are craving for something refreshing or missing your hometown’s special falooda then here I am your best recipe friend. This mango falooda with ice cream recipe is just made for you.

You can also try desserts like strawberry short cakes. You can also try mango chia seed smoothie. You can also try eggless mango cake recipe.

So, here is a warm welcome to you who is very special and this special falooda with ice cream recipe will melt in your heart. Just like the sugar that dissolves in water.

It’s time to make something soothing to the taste buds and aromatic to the mind. This Falooda with ice cream recipe will make you fall for it.

Get ready because this summer you are going to groove with the ingredients of falooda with ice cream recipe.

Falooda with ice cream

Sweetheart stop wondering! Don’t hesitate just feel the love and sweetening with this falooda with ice cream recipe. Learn how to make delicious falooda.

What is mango falooda ice cream?

It is a tasty dessert made with homemade seviya or vermicelli, ice cream, mango jelly, and mango pulp. You can make it at home with scratch also instantly.

Why Mango Falooda?

Mango Falooda is a tasty and healthy dessert. The sabja seeds used in it help reduce weight. Mango with its goodness keeps you fresh for the whole day. Other flavours of this special mango ice cream falooda will sweeten and relax your mood effortlessly.

Ingredients And Substitutions to make Falooda using ice cream

1.Rose syrup4 tbsps
2.Mango pieces2-3 tbsps
3.Falooda sev or vermicelli1/4 cup
4.Mango ice cream1 scoop
5.Mango JellyAs needed 
6.Mango PulpAs needed 
7.Tutti Fruity2 tsp
8.SugarAs per required
9.Nuts2 tsp
10.Sabja seeds/ Chia Seeds1/2 tbsp
11.Water1/2 cup

Mango Falooda with Ice Cream Recipe Step by step instructions

1. To make tasty falooda ice cream, firstly soak sabja seeds in water.

sabja seeds for making falooda ice cream

Keep it aside standing for another half hours.

soak sabja seeds

2. The soaked sabja seeds will turn into trnsluscent pearls after half an hour.

sabja beads turn gelly

3. Secondly, wash, peel and chop your mango. And be prepared before hand.

4. Boil vermicelli, drain, and let it cool.

falooda sev
You can also use vermicelli.

5. The next important thing to do is to take milk in a pan and then add sugar to it. Let this milk boil and become thick. After this, it is time to allow this milk to cool down.

boil milk for making falooda

6. Now to make a serving of royal falooda, take a glass.
Then top it with 2 tbsp of soaked sabja seeds into your glass. Add more if you wish.

7. Add 2 tbsp of vermicelli that you have already boiled.

8. Now add 2 tbsp of the small pieces of mango. And from here your special mango falooda starts.

9. Now add Roohafza or rose syrup for the add on the freshness of rose petals. This sweetening and refreshing flavor is a treat to the taste buds.

10. Now add 2 scoops of mango jelly to enhance your taste.

mango jelly

11. Now is the time to add mango pulp in your Falooda and make it lustrous.

12. This is the moment when you need to add chilled and frozen milk to your Falooda. Remeber to add just 3 tablespoons of milk.

chilled milk for making falooda ice cream

13. Now add a cold scoop of mango ice cream. With this your Falooda is ready.

mango ice cream

14. But before serving make sure to add some nuts and tutti frutti, in order to make your Mango Falooda with Ice Cream Recipe taste crisp in the beginning.

mango falooda ice cream

15. Now your tasty, delicious and savouring Falooda with ice cream is ready to be served. Taste your mouthwatering Falooda and forget yourself in the sea of freshness and sweetness.

mango falooda recipe

16. Your tasty and mouth watering Mango Falooda with Ice Cream Recipe is ready to make you linger over the beauty of mango and sabja seeds.

Taste the romance of Mango Falooda with Ice Cream Recipe with Messofy.

Ice cream is indeed a romantic desert.

Some common FAQs related to Mango Falooda with Ice Cream Recipe

How many types of Falooda are there?

Falooda is a very popular cold beverage in Indian subcontinent. It is a version of Persian dessert known as Faloodeh during the period of Mughal. There are different version of Falooda recipe you will find, like mango Falooda, rabdi Falooda, firni Falooda ,kulfi Falooda, pista Falooda etc.

What is Falooda SEV made of?

Falooda sev are thick pastel strands made of sago starch. As the name imdicates, it is used in the preparation of falooda– a dessert which is traditionally consumed in India, Pakistan etc. The sev is soaked in water before using in the final recipe.

Is Falooda good for health?

Falooda seeds are a good source of fibre. Thus they keep you full for long hours. The protein in it further helps boost metabolism and fat burning process. Both these together may aid in weight loss.

Which Falooda is best?

Rose Falooda is the most traditional type, and Rose is a naturally cooling agent so it’s the best pick all the time. But mango falooda is one of the most asked and in most demand right now.

Does Falooda increase weight?

Sabja seeds also known as Tukmaria Seeds or Sweet Basil are used in weight management therapy. Sabja seeds contain a high amount of Alpha-Linolenic acid (ALA) that increases the rate of metabolism in your body. This accelerates the fat-burning process.

What does Falooda taste like?

Falooda made with sharbat syrup misses a core part of the flavor of the authentic milkshake, and simply tastes like rose water +milk or mango + milk.

Is chia seeds used in Falooda?

Soak chia seeds for 8 hours or overnight in the refrigerator. After chia seeds have soaked, add vanilla extract. Mix well and set aside. In a medium bowl, combine the raspberries, maple syrup, rose water, and lemon.

What is the black stuff in Falooda?

In India, people know about sabja as they are added to a popular drink falooda. The sweet basil seeds do resemble the chia seeds and are known by the names Sabja seeds or falooda seeds or tukmaria in India. They are basically the seeds of sweet basil.

Does chia seeds delay periods?

Chia seeds are fully packed with soluble fibre which not only helps you delay your periods but also helps in maintaining an excellent digestive system.

Which is better Chia or basil seeds?

Hope that helps you understand these healthy cousins well! Both seeds offer certain nutritional benefits, but it’s generally thought that chia seeds are ‘better‘ for you as they contain antioxidants, fibre, calcium, protein and many other key minerals. However, basil seeds contain plenty of iron


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