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The Nutritional Facts Of Almonds

By     Created on : July 23, 2020

What’s better than the start of a day with a handful of almonds? LOVELY! Isn’t it?

They provide us with a variety of benefits. These delicious and crunchy almonds will improve your memory and also contributes a very good role in our health. 

There are various forms of it like almond butter, made into almond milk, etc.  Raw almonds are sodium-free, which are important and suitable for those who have suffered from hypertension

You may have heard from your parents that ‘you should eat almonds’ knowing that they are good sources of vitamins. 

But do you really know the exact nutritional facts of almonds

Here are some answers to the questions that may come to your mind while consuming almonds: 

Did You Know Almonds Increase Your Brain Power?

They contain many essential nutrients that can actually help you with a healthy mind and body. If you are also the one who finds it difficult to remember the answers before the examination, it has a magical cure. Eat a few almonds daily. It boosts your capacity to remember things.

Want To Feel Warm In Winters? 

Have a massage of almond all over the body. It will make your skin softer, more supper, and glowing by keeping you warm in winters.

Almonds contain minerals like potassium, folic acid, protein, monosaturated fats, and vitamin E. This proves to be an important nutritional fact of almonds

Here is the nutritional chart of almonds. 

  • Calories: 164 
  • Fat: 14.2 grams
  • Sodium: 0 mg 
  • Carbohydrates: 6.1 grams
  • Fibre: 3.5 grams
  • Sugars: 1.2 grams
  • Protein: 6 grams
facts of almonds

Are You Having Digestion Problems? 

One of the nutritional facts of almonds is that it improves the digestive system. Eating 20 almonds every day has been shown to produce significant changes in the gut microbiota. Healthy intestinal bacteria like lactic acid serve to maintain a strong intestinal barrier keeping the bad bacteria out. 

Are You Having Digestion Problems?

Here is the perfect option to fulfil it. 

The nutritional package delivered of almonds is perfect to fulfill your snack cravings. The fat, fibers, proteins work in a manner that together keeps you full and satisfied while the diverse variety of vitamins and minerals gives you a body to perform well and in an optimized manner. Healthy calorie intake is very necessary to keep you more satisfied with each passing day. 

Having Problem In Regulating Your Cholesterol? 

THESE are the perfect solution for it. The regular intake of almonds helps to increase the High-Density Lipo Proteins and they reduce the level of low-density lipoproteins. This balance is important for a healthy cholesterol level, and reduction in LDL is indeed a very good thing. 


Do You Think It Contributes In Your Bone Health? 

If asking about the nutritional facts of almonds it is the fantastic source of vitamins and minerals and most importantly phosphorus. It has a considerable impact on the strength and durability of bones as well as for your teeth. 

Looking For A Immunity Booster? 

Almonds are great sources for alkali materials. This is a very important element to improve your immune system and give strength as well as the ability to fight against various diseases and various health conditions. It also has a high amount of vitamin E- a powerful antioxidant. It seeks out all the damaging free radicals in the body and eliminates them because they actually promote chronic diseases and can be horribly hazardous for the body. 

Do You Think Almonds Have Inflammatory Properties? 

Many people think that ‘fat’ means something negative for health. But certain fatty acids are necessary and can be beneficial for your body. Those fatty acids help to reduce inflammation all around the body- a condition from which many people suffer from. 

facts of almonds

Does It Protect You From Diabetes? 

The answer to this nutritional fact is YES. Almonds help to reduce the glucose and insulin levels after meals. This modulation provides protection from the dangerous spikes in blood sugar that diabetics suffer from. Almonds help to regulate the absorption and processing of glucose, making the entire process much smoother and safer. 

Does It Help In Weight Loss? 

 Almond milk can be used if you want to lose weight. The monounsaturated fat present in almonds prevents over-eating effects. The dietary fiber in almonds also contributes to the sensation of being full, despite eating only a small amount. 

Studies have revealed that an almond-rich, low-calorie diet is good for obese people to assist in decreasing their excess weight. Studies have shown that people who regularly consume almonds at least twice a week are far more likely to remain at their ideal weight, rather than those who rarely or never consume THEM and suffer from weight fluctuations. Finally, the fiber contributes to consistent movements which help in weight loss and the general health of the body through the elimination of toxins. 

healthy almonds
eat every day

When you have a superfood, why go to the doctor? Celebrate your day with a splash of almonds.

Credits: Varsha Tejwani



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