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Proteins- Our Essential Fuels

By     Created on : July 23, 2020

No life could exist without PROTEINS. Protein is the most essential source of energy. It gives the energy to work round the clock and prevails in trillions of cells in the human body. “Protein” is a Greek word which is derived from “proteins” which denotes ‘primary’ or ‘the first rank’. This is in use since 1883. Proteins help us to heal, grow, construct cells, carry oxygen, grow nails and hair, and much more. So what is a protein? let’s dig deep into this. 


Protein is regarded as the building block of energy and is found in every cell of the body. They are large biomolecules and macromolecules, which contains one or more long chain of amino acid. Proteins are the macronutrients that are important to our muscles. It makes up about 15% of a person’s body weight. Chemically, it contains carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur. 


Here’s what proteins perform in our bodies;

– Helps in the restoration of the cell.

– Transporting molecules throughout the body.

– Protecting the body from bacteria and viruses.


Helps the body to repair 

Protein helps in rebuilding the cells after any damage or wound. It speeds up the healing process. Along with certain hormones, and nutrients, they form new cells and repair the existing tissues and muscles. 

Lowers your blood pressure

Fluctuating blood pressure is the main cause of cardiac arrest, strokes, and kidney illness. In a review of 40 monitored tracks, increased proteins lower the systolic blood pressures by 1.76mm Hg on average and diastolic blood pressures by 1.15 mm Hg. 

veg protein source

Adequate of bones

Protein helps the bones to grow and accounts for up to 14% of bone mineral content. It reduces the risk of fractures and improves the density of bones. Protein represents the key to bone health and in precluding of osteoporosis. 

Reduces appetite and craving 

Protein is the most filling food. It helps to feel more full with less food. The macronutrient i.e fats, carbons, and proteins affect our body to the contrary. Eating more proteins improves the functions of dopamine, which is the main hormone that involves craving and addiction. Protein may reduce cravings and desires for late-night snacking. Having proteins in breakfast has more significant effects. 

healthy food

Helps in weight loss 

High protein intake may boost your metabolism mainly, which burns more calories throughout the day. A high protein group burns 260 more calories per day than the low protein group does. High proteins boost metabolism and improve the number of calories burned. This can be 80-100 more calories. This is because your body uses calories to digest and make use of the nutrients in regular diets.

Drawbacks of too much protein 

Anything taken in excess is not good. Therefore, excess amounts of protein could end up damaging the bones, liver, and even kidney. It can cause kidney stones and bone loss, liver complications, and even too much calcium in the bloodstream. It can also develop the risk of cancers such as breast, bowel and prostate cancers, and heart diseases. 



The most healthy and quick source of protein with a bundle of taste.



The healthiest grain of all. There are many ways to make a tasty bowl of oats. 1 cup of oats has 11 grams and 14% of proteins.



Milk has every nutrient we need for ourselves. The protein level of milk is very high and milk products are always ‘oh so good’. 

milk source of protein and calcium


It helps in losing weight and is high in fibre and magnesium. 



The best for the vegans, rich in fibre, magnesium and proteins and many more.

veg protein source

Proteins are the building blocks of one’s body.

protein gives you energy throughout the day. Protein helps to grow muscles, cells, organs, skin, hormones, hairs, and nails. It is the most significant thing for the growth of children. It also cures injuries and maintains weight. But only a sufficient amount works best for the body. Too much intake of proteins proliferates the risk of heart ailments, cancer, and even kidney disorders. 



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