Shrikhand Recipe Ingredients With Greek Yogurt
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Shrikhand Recipe With Greek Yogurt | Shrikhand Recipe With Kesar Elaichi

By     Created on : May 22, 2021

Shrikhand Recipe Ingredients With Greek Yogurt

Shrikhand Recipe With Greek Yogurt | Shrikhand Recipe With Kesar Elaichi The Shrikhand Recipe is made with Greek Yogurt, saffron threads, green cardamom, and nuts. This popular and nutritious dessert is for you if you love having something sweet but wholesome.

If you have the craving for something sweet in the night, then you are going to love a bowl of Shrikhand! Other things to try with yogurt are raita, strawberry shortcake, and other desserts.

And don’t worry, it’s very easy to make your own Shrikhand at home with Greek yogurt. In opposition to the common belief, Shrikhand is easy and quick to make at home.

Taste the richness of Shrikhand with Messofy’s love.

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Make your tasty Shrikhand Recipe with Greek Yogurt at home

So finally, making and following your own customized Shrikhand recipe is very easy. Because after all, this scratch is way better than the readymade store-bought version.

The flavors are adjusted and it just tastes much fresher! And, if you have a nut allergy, you just need to skip the nuts. And you are good to go. However, if you want to add more cardamom then you are free to do so with this shrikhand recipe with Greek Yogurt.

What is Shrikhand?

Shrikhand is a curd specialty from India. 

The curd is strained so that the remaining thick curd is left without liquids but remains high in fats. 

The strained thick Greek Yogurt-like curd has to be flavored either with spices and nuts or also with fruits such as Mango pulp.

Why Shrikhand?

Shrikhand is a perfect meal for the hot summers. You can make Shrikhand by adding sugar to curd. Because of this, it is a “perfect combination of probiotic bacteria and essential fats.”

Probiotics are important for improving digestion and gut health. And, shrikhand doesn’t load the pancreas.

Sugar is helpful because it allows the body to cool down during summer. Shrikhand which is a probiotic is a meal with a low glycemic index. Also, since fat is important for the feeling of satisfaction, it reduces the chances of overeating. It is also a protein-rich meal.

This simple meal is healthy and safe for all, including people with obesity, diabetes or heart disease.

Instructions to make Shrikhand with Greek Yogurt at home

  •  Prep time: Under 15 min
  •  Serves: 2 people

Ingredients and Substitutions for Shrikhand Recipe with Greek Yogurt

milk, warmed2 tbsp
Greek yogurt1
saffron threadsA pinch
sugar1/4-1/2 cups (or as per taste)
nutmegA pinch
cardamom powderA pinch or as per taste
nuts to garnish1 tbsp
greek yogurt to make instant shrikhand
Greek Yogurt – Make instant Shrikhand with it.

Note: Use Greek-style yogurt at your home for making Shrikhand, otherwise take plain yogurt. Hang it up in a clean muslin cloth for at least 4-5 hours (preferably overnight). Discard the whey. And use this thick yogurt for the recipe given below.

Shrikhand Recipe With Greek Yogurt | Shrikhand Recipe With Kesar Elaichi Step By Step Instructions

1. Firstly take the warmed milk in a small bowl. You can heat it for few seconds in your microwave or oven. Add the saffron to it, give it a quick stir and allow it to stay for about 5 minutes.

kesar shrikhand

2. Secondly in another bowl, take the Greek Yogurt.

home made tasty shrikhand

3. Thirdly, see how thick the yogurt is. The benefits are awesome – 1 cup of fat-free Greek yogurt has about 20 gms of protein. The thick yogurt is essential for this recipe.

4. Further add sugar to it and mix.

tasty home made shrikhand recipe
If you don’t have powdered sugar then feel free to use the normal sugar.

5. Moreover, beat it well until properly blended and smooth. It will take on a creamy consistency – about 5 minutes worth of doing those muscle work!

shrikhand recipe made with greek yogurt

6. Now add the saffron milk along with the spices. You can add more cardamom powder if you like. Since everyone has a different idea of how “strong” cardamom powder is, I will ask you to prefer starting with little and adding more if needed. But, keep the nutmeg bare minimum since it has a strong flavor and little goes a long way.

shrikhand recipe ingredients

7. Give them all a mix until well blended. You can chill this at this point since it helps to fuse the flavors well together. And this is a dessert which you should serve chilled because that is what the tradition says.

shrikhand ingredients

Finally pour into glasses and top with nuts along with saffron threads (optional of course). Finally a simple, quick, and a yummy low-calorie dessert at your disposal 🙂

home made shrikhand


1. In which state Shrikhand is famous?

Shrikhand is an Indian sweet made of hung or Greek yogurt. A super popular dessert in Maharashtra and Gujarat, which you can serve during parties and other celebrations.

2. Does Shrikhand increase weight?

Good Source of Protien : Protien is essential to build muscles and for weight loss. Low Sodium Content : Shrikhand has lesser sodium content which is helpful for high blood pressure patients. A healthy gut flora is responsible for good digestion, immunity & weight loss.

3. Can I freeze Shrikhand?

Shrikhand is made using pressed yogurt, sugar, and flavors like Kesar, mango, elaichi (cardamom), strawberry, etc. It is so easy to prepare with few ingredients and everyone loves it. You can prepare it way in advance and freeze it.

4. What is Shrikhand used for?

Shrikhand Sweet is quite popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra as a dessert or a side dish. And because of this, it is savored with joy along with Puri. It is a part of thali meals and weddings. In order to make Srikhand, yogurt is hung in a muslin cloth till it loses most of its water and becomes thick and creamy.

5. How can I thicken my hung curd Shrikhand?

Straining curd properly is the key step to a thick and creamy shrikhand. Any unstrained whey left in the hung curd can easily make your shrikhand runny after adding sugar.

The easiest way to strain the curd quickly is to pour the curd into a clean thin cloth.

I hope this Shrikhand recipe made with Greek Yogurt will make you crave more. So try this and share it because sharing is caring…

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Shrikhand Recipe