Tandoori Chai Recipe With a Secret Masala - An ardent Chai lover? Here's something for you! This Tandoori Chai recipe will make you fall in love once agai" />

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Tandoori Chai Recipe with a Secret Masala

By     Created on : November 4, 2020

Tandoori Chai Recipe With a Secret MasalaAn ardent Chai lover? Here’s something for you! This Tandoori Chai recipe will make you fall in love once again. Don’t miss this chance, because here I am your recipe expert ready to help you with the beauty and aroma of tandoori chai.

Tandoor Chai is an instant stress buster for people like me and you. This is the basic reason for its popularity. Tandoor chai comes with a special taste and aroma. It also comes in different flavors.

So this time groove your hands on the beats of this aromatic tandoor chai recipe.

Feel the pleasure with Messofy.

All You Need to Know About Tandoor Chai

Tandoori Chai recipe with a secret masala

Chai holds a special place amongst many and tea lovers don’t need a specific reason or time to drink one. Everyone has a special way of preparing it. Chai is embellished with the sweetness of sugar and spiciness due to its masala. It is renowned for its fragrant aroma. 

Tandoori chai is an ever trending variety of tea ever. We all are familiar with the masala tea obsession, with its growing popularity, now sellers are coming up with new and innovative techniques of serving tea. Tandoori chai is a unique way of preparing tea with a subtle touch of earthly flavours and playing indistinguishably with the same old masala chai.

Preparing tandoori chai at home is no rocket science. It’s very simple to prepare at home without any large apparatus. What makes this tea different from the others is its quirky preparation style. It’s a trending style of preparing the same old tea with the flavours of old school yet evergreen khulhad . Khulhad is a clay pot. This tea gets its special flavour from the hot khulhad, a clay pot used in its preparation. You can make this smokey chai at home with ease. This enchanting delicacy is sure to please your taste buds. 

Ingredients For Special Tandoori Chai Recipe

water1  cup
tea leaves 2 ½ tbsp
ginger chopped1 inch
cloves Few pieces
Tulsi (basil leaves)Few pieces
black pepper ( powdered form) 5-6
cinnamon stick 1-inch
cardamom powder¼ tsp
Saffron strands ( optional) Few pieces
milk 1 ½ cup
Clay pot1

Method To Prepare Tandoori Masala Chai

  1. Start with boiling 1 cup of water 
  2. Into the water add the tea leaves 
  3. Add sugar
  4. Now add few pieces of chopped ginger
Tandoori Chai recipe with a secret masala
  1. Add cinnamon stick.
  1. Put in cloves and black pepper ( in powdered form) 

  1. Add cardamom powder

  1. You can also flavour it with some saffron, as per preference.
  2. Mix it a little bit. 

9. After one minute of boiling add the milk 

Tandoori Chai recipe with a secret masala

10. Let this mixture boil. Make sure it boils nicely.

11. After the tea is nicely boiled, turn off the flame 

12. With the help of a tea strainer pour the tea in a jar. 

13. Now carefully with the help of tongs place your clay pot on the flame and heat it.

Tandoori Chai recipe with a secret masala
  1. Heat it on low flame and make sure it becomes slightly red. 
  2. Make sure that you keep rotating the clay pot with the help of tongs.
  3. Make sure to heat the clay pot from inside as well.
Instant tandoori chai recipe at home
  1. Once you notice the change in colour of the pot, take it off the flame. 
  2. Place it in an open pan 
Tandoori Chai recipe with a secret masala
  1. Now, pour the hot tea over it.
instant masala chai recipe

9. Now you’ll see that this tandoori chai amasses bubbles like a volcano. It’s ready to serve. 

Now you know this simple trick of making this tandoori chai at home. All you need is a clay pot. Try this simple and exciting recipe at home during this quarantine period and bless your taste buds with earthly flavors. 

Masala chai recipe

Chai has the ingredients which are proven to provide relief to a lot of throat problems and benefits when given during cough, fever or even during headaches.

Some FAQs Related to Special Masala Tandoori Chai

What is tandoori chai?

So what exactly is tandoori chai? It’s a special blend of tea half brewed along with a blend of Amol’s grandma’s secret aromatic spices. Empty kulhars (small clay bowls) are roasted in the tandoor (Indian clay oven). The half cooked tea is then poured into the sizzling kulhars, and it froths over and gets fully brewed.

Who invented tandoori chai?

For every sickly sweet pumpkin spice latte put forth by international chains, you have a tandoori chai invented from within India and spread along the highways, which have always been a great route to disseminate food products.

How many types of chai are there in India?

Masala Chai in an Indian Dhaba, to Traditional Herbal Tea in a tea ceremony, there are 10 different kinds of chai from South East Asia.

Why is tandoori Chai famous?

Amol Dilip got the concept of ‘tandoor chai‘ when he was sick and his grandmother made him some turmeric milk / ‘haldi dudh’ and put it near a bonfire for it to re-heat. That’s how a little idea popped in his head regarding tandoor chai which is now a big success. Now you know how tandoor chai originated. And its relishing and delighting taste adds to its success.


Make this tandoori chai for your loved ones and enjoy it while working from home to energize yourself. Tandoori chai is an instant stress reliever.

Tandoori chai gives a respite from the daily boring and stressful life. It is a fresh relief to the taste buds.

I hope you had a great time trying the tandoori chai recipe. Stay tuned for more such recipe updates.