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Veg Spring Roll Recipe – How to Make Fresh Spring Roll at Home?

By     Created on : August 14, 2020

Veg Spring Roll Recipe – The perfect finger food, crispy and packed with veggies. The best choice as appetizers and to pass around at a party or get together. Available in so many varieties. Spring rolls can be served with a bowl of soup and noodles. And make your evening with some crispy delicious, amazing spring rolls and masala tea.

Before we dig into the recipes, let’s have a glance at the spring rolls :-

What is a veg spring roll?

Veg Spring Roll Recipe - How to Make Fresh Spring Roll at Home?

It’s a roll wrapped in rice paper with vegetables and often noodles and other stuffings and is deep-fried. It’s a Chinese- American dish, can be easily found in East Asia, South Asia, and middle eastern cuisines. The name, cooking procedure, and stuffings change, depending on the region’s culture. You can even bake them instead of deep-frying.

What is normally in a spring roll?

A garden spring roll, for example, will be filled with a variety of fresh veggies like carrots, bamboo shoots, bell pepper, and cabbage. And more savory spring rolls tend to be filled with meat in addition to vegetables—typically pork, chicken, and/or shrimp.

Are fried veg spring rolls healthy?

Fresh spring rolls are very healthy, especially if you pack them full of raw veggies and lean protein. Spring roll wrappers are low in fat and calories. One piece of rice paper usually has between 30-40 calories. When spring rolls because less healthy are when they are fried.

Here’s the Simple Recipe of Veg And Fresh Spring Rolls:-

Preparation time– 10 minutes

Cooking time–        20 minutes

Servings–                7


oil2 tsp
garlic cloves, finely chopped2
ginger, finely chopped1 inch
carrot, thinly shredded1
spring onions, finely chopped4
cabbage, thinly shredded1 cup
sugar1 tsp 
chilli sauce1-2 tsp
soy sauce / soya sauce1 tsp
vinegar2 tsp 
black pepper, crushed1 tsp
corn flour1 tsp
SaltAs per taste
spring roll pastry sheets / wrapper7
maida / all-purpose flour / plain flour1 tbsp
oilfor frying

Here’s how to try veg spring roll recipe easily at home :-

  1. firstly, in a large kadai add oil along with finely chopped ginger and garlic.

Veg Spring Roll Recipe - How to Make Fresh Spring Roll at Home?

2.also add finely chopped spring onions.

3.saute them for a minute or till the raw smell disappears.

4.furthermore, add shredded carrot and cabbage. saute them.

5. also add sugar, chilli sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper and salt.

6.mix everything well.

Veg Spring Roll Recipe - How to Make Fresh Spring Roll at Home?

7.furthermore, add corn paste.

8. mix well and keep aside.

9. meanwhile, take spring roll pastry sheet and place spoonful of prepared stuffing.

Spread the sheet like this.

10.pull and fold over the corner tightly till it reaches half the sheet.

11.furthermore, fold over sides like a envelope leaving no air pockets.

12.create crease and roll further. last, apply maida paste around the corners and seal the edges.

Veg Spring Roll Recipe - How to Make Fresh Spring Roll at Home?

14. furthermore, deep fry the spring roll or bake them at 320 degrees F.

15. deep fry till they turn golden brown stirring occasionally.

Veg Spring Roll Recipe - How to Make Fresh Spring Roll at Home?

16.once they turn golden brown, drain them over absorbent paper.

17. finally, serve crispy veg spring rolls hot with sweet chili sauce or tomato sauce.

Veg Spring Roll Recipe - How to Make Fresh Spring Roll at Home?

Now here’s the recipe of veg noodles spring rolls

Ingredients are as follow:-

Noodles1 cup boiled
Paneer¼ cup cut into small chunks
Cabbage½  cup finely chopped ·
Green peas¼ cup
Capsicum¼ cup finely chopped
Green chilly1-2 finely chopped
Ginger½ inch baton (grated) or ½ tsp paste
Lemon juice or vinegar 1 tsp
Black pepper¼ tsp
SaltAs per taste
Green coriander2-3 tbsp as per choice
Oilfor cooking and frying.

The Recipe of Veg Noodle Spring Roll Begins With

  1. Knead the dough first. Take maida in a bowl and oil and a little salt in it.
  2. Knead it with Lukewarm water, we need a soft dough. Keep it aside for at least 15 minutes so it will rise.

Now for stuffing the spring rolls

  1. Take 1 tbsp oil in a pan and place it on a high flame. Add ginger paste, garlic, and green chilies and saute it until it changes color. Now add Veggies- peas cover it for a minute or two. Add capsicum, cabbage, and saute for 2 minutes, do not overcook.

2. Add paneer, then black pepper, salt, noodles, end it with soya sauce, lemon juice, and coriander as well. Keep it aside and let it cool for a while.

Here’s the easiest way to wrap the spring rolls:-

Take a small ball from maida and roll out it into at least 5-6 inch diameter thin chapati. Now scoop one tablespoon stuffing and place it on the thin layer in a log shape. Fold it away from your side, now halfway through, fold the sides of chapati in. Continue rolling till the end in the used water to dampen the edge and close the roll.

For shallow frying:-

Take 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan with a plain base. Now place spring rolls inside and low the flame, cook until it turns golden brown from all sides. Take it out on an absorbent paper.

How to deep fry spring rolls:-

Take enough oil in a deep frying pan. Let it get hot on high flame. Now carefully place the rolls into oil, low the flame until they turn golden brown from all sides. Take it out on an absorbent paper.

Spring rolls are a delicious yet quite healthy snack to calm your taste buds and a perfect partner with your evening tea. And definitely an easy recipe, everyone will love it.

How to bake spring rolls:-

 Baking the spring rolls is a good option. For this, preheat oven at 200-degree centigrade. Place the rolls on a baking tray at the proper distance, brush some oil and sesame seed (optional) on it.
Set the oven on 200 degrees for 10 minutes and bake until it turns golden brown.